If you’re looking to upgrade your factory or get one started, then we have a solution for you. 5Star Installations offers vessel internals installation for new and refurbished factories. As good installation is critical for a trouble-free startup, our advanced knowledge of tower systems will ensure that you are in good hands and that your tower works exactly as it should.

We have the expertise and experience to install custom vessel internals, also known as tower or reactor internals. These are widely used in the gas and oil industry. Designed to contain certain fluids, liquid, or solids, these need to resist a wide range of stresses, including pressure, flow, erosion, corrosion, and vibration. For this resistance, you need a quality pressure internal as well as a perfect installation.

We can also install internal vessel components. These include catalyst support grids, scallops, centrifuge baskets, screens, sieve trays, vortex breakers, mist eliminators, and structured packing. While all industrial installations are important, pressure vessels are particularly sensitive and important to install safely. Let us help you to keep your factory working and safe without expert installation services.