Over 30 Years Servicing the Oil and Gas Industry

Norwood S&S, LLC was founded in 2000 after amassing 21 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. We pride ourselves on an unmatched level of problem-solving and customer service. Also, our expertise and extensive knowledge in the mass transfer and separations industry has led us to become the de facto supplier for some of our clients. We are thrilled to offer process internals and services for the oil and gas industry worldwide almost 20 years after founding.

Norwood S&S for Process Internals & Steam Traps

For over 15 years, Norwood S&S has process internals for oil and natural gas applications. Our high quality, high-performance product line is made and ships from Houston, Texas!

About our turnkey sERVICES

We are partnered with our sister company 5 Star Installations and we guarantee that our engineers will always provide you with world class service. Our reputation means everything to us and we are proud of the work we do.

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