Our Tray Designs Keep Facilities Stable

By utilizing Norwood designed trays our clients enjoy stable operations and maximum process flexibility. Whether you need our proprietary high performance trays, high capacity-maximum turndown, or an economical design, our tray experts will work closely with you to provide optimal solutions for your towers. By utilizing our designs our clients leverage best in class speed to market, stable operations and process flexibility.

Standard Moveable Valve Trays

Movable Valve Trays offer the best performance and value in man operations. These trays valves have a low pressure drop and moderate capacity. The movable valves allow for a flexible operation and combat liquid weeping at low flow conditions.

High Performance Valve Tray

High performance valves, which are a type of moveable valve, can offer a lower pressure drop and an increased capacity in high vapor rate services while maintaining the same operational flexibility as standard valve trays. Typical capacity increase ranges between 7%-20%.

High Turndown Valve Trays

High turndown valve trays are the preferred product when turn down as high as 10:1 is required. This valve type has no loss of capacity when compared to a standard moveable valve tray

Sieve Trays

Sieve trays are a cost efficient option for towers that operate at constant liquid and vapor rates. These trays have been the preferred product in many processes for decades for their capacity, simplicity and reliability. 

Cartridge Trays

Cartridge trays are used in applications where trays are the optimal mass transfer device but the diameter is too small to allow for standard tray installation. Cartridge trays can provide the same benefits of trays in towers that would otherwise require packing due.


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